Cheat Sheet

Tmux tips and tricks.


apt update
apt install tmux


Create new

tmux new -s my-session

Use existing session

tmux new -A -s my-session

Or you can list all sessions:

tmux ls

And attache to an existing one:

tmux attach-session -t my-session

Delete/Kill session

Kill all sessions

tmux kill-server

Kill specific session

tmux kill-session -t my-session

Kill other sessions

If you are inside a tmux session you would like to keep and kill all others, run:

tmux kill-session -a

Windows and Panes

  • Ctrl+b c Create a new window (with shell)

  • Ctrl+b w Choose window from a list

  • Ctrl+b 0 Switch to window 0 (by number )

  • Ctrl+b , Rename the current window

  • Ctrl+b % Split current pane vertically into two panes

  • Ctrl+b " Split current pane horizontally into two panes

  • Ctrl+b o Go to the next pane

  • Ctrl+b ; Toggle between the current and previous pane

  • Ctrl+b x Close the current pane

  • Enable synchronize-panes: ctrl+b then shift :. Then type set synchronize-panes on at the prompt. To disable synchronization: set synchronize-panes off.

  • Ctrl+b [ To enable copy mode. Use arrows to scroll.

  • Ctrl+b Alt + 1 All panels on vertical with same width.

    • Or run Ctrl+b Shift + : select-layout even-vertical

  • Ctrl+b Alt + 2 All panels on horizontal with same height.

    • Or run Ctrl+b Shift + : select-layout even-horizontal

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