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Expose NAT server

Allow external connection to a server under a private network

Test the server

One of the best options is to use a SSH jump host server. For example, you can use to test.
In your proxy server, run:
/usr/bin/ssh -R 35854:localhost:3128
In your client, run:
export http_proxy="http://USER:[email protected]:35854"
export https_proxy="http://USER:[email protected]:35854"
export ftp_proxy="http://USER:[email protected]:35854"
export no_proxy="localhost,,::1"

Setup as a service

Make sure systemd is installed:
apt update
apt install systemd
Create the service file:
nano /etc/systemd/system/serveo-proxy.service
With the following content:
Description=Serveo proxy tunnel
ExecStart=/usr/bin/ssh -R 35854:localhost:3128
Start and enable the service:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable serveo-proxy.service
sudo systemctl start serveo-proxy.service