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VirtualBox guest

Running arch as a VBox gues

Share folder

Stop your virtual machine.
Install the extension pack for VirtualBox.
Start your virtual machine and install virtualbox-guest-utils.
pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utils
Choose virtualbox-guest-modules-arch.
Reboot your virtual machine.
Add your user to vboxsf group.
usermod -aG vboxsf root
Create a shared folder on VirtualBox.
Reboot your virtual machine.
Mount your folder to test.
mount -t vboxsf YOUR-VBOX-SHARE-NAME /windows
Umount the volume.
umount /windows
Edit your fstab.
nano /etc/fstab
Add this line (example).
YOUR-VBOX-SHARE-NAME /windows vboxsf rw 0 0
Mount it.
mount -a