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Cheat Sheet

Useful Kops tricks.

Enable autocomplete

source <(kops completion bash)

Create cluster

Export your AWS credentials.
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=ThyFreeFolk
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=YouShallNotPass
export EC2_REGION=ap-southeast-2
export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=ap-southeast-2
Create a bucket, for example STATE-BUCKET.
Then create your cluster.
kops create cluster \
--zones=ap-southeast-2a \
--master-size=t2.small \
--node-size=t2.medium \
--node-count=1 \
--admin-access= \
--authorization=AlwaysAllow \
--cloud=aws \
This setup is not suitable for production environments. admin-access and authorization are wide open.
Validate cluster
kops validate cluster

Get cluster credentials

Get admin password

kops get secrets kube --type secret -oplaintext

Get token

kubectl -n kube-system \
describe secret \
$(kubectl -n kube-system \
get secret | awk '/^deployment-controller-token-/{print $1}') | \
awk '$1=="token:"{print $2}'

Upgrade Kubernetes version

Before you begin

Double check your Kops and Kubernetes version compatibility.
DO NOT upgrade to a Kubernetes version unsuported by your Kops version
Check Kops Compatibility Matrix:
If you don’t know yet, get your cluster’s name:
kubectl config get-clusters
Let’s suppose your cluster name is my-cluster-name.
Export an environment variable with your cluster name:
export NAME=my-cluster-name
Edit cluster’s config:
kops edit cluster $NAME
You cluster’s config will be opened in your text editor. Find and replace the config kubernetesVersion, for example:
kubernetesVersion: 1.6.0
kubernetesVersion: 1.9.9
Save and exit.
Preview changes:
kops update cluster $NAME
Apply changes:
kops update cluster $NAME --yes
Preview update:
kops rolling-update cluster $NAME
Roll update:
kops rolling-update cluster $NAME --yes

Automated update

Alternatively you can run Kops auto update:
kops upgrade cluster $NAME
kops upgrade cluster $NAME --yes
kops update cluster $NAME
kops update cluster $NAME --yes
Upgrade uses the latest Kubernetes version considered stable by kops, defined in